Camminarte [ itinerari visite guidate a Roma ]

These are some of the proposed tours that we have put together for you:

From the Colosseum to Piazza Venezia (download PDF)

A walk through the heart of Rome, discovering its most fascinating monuments which form the spectacular backdrop to this unique city.

Campus Martius (download PDF)

On this walking tour we will discover an area of the city which is a blend of the evolving artistic forms from over the centuries: from Rome of the emperor Augustus to Baroque Rome.

From Piazza Venezia to the Capitoline Hill and on to Piazza Farnese (download PDF)

A stroll from ancient times through the Renaissance to the Baroque, with pleasant stops among the bakeries selling focaccia, cod fillets at Santa Barbara and the most famous local market in Rome: Campo de’ Fiori.

Trastevere (download PDF)

Walk among the streets and monuments of a neighbourhood that for centuries has embodied the most traditional sense of Rome: Trastevere.

Bernini vs Borromini (download PDF)

This walk offers you the opportunity to engage in the eternal comparison between Bernini and Borromini, the artists who illustrated the power of the noble families and religious orders of Rome in the 1600s.

From Castel Sant'Angelo to Saint Peter's Basilica (download PDF)

Our walk takes us from the fascinating Castel Sant’Angelo – which over the centuries was transformed from an imperial tomb to a papal fortress – to the heart of Christianity: the Basilica of Saint Peter with its piazza surrounded by the celebrated Bernini colonnade.

Vatican Museums (download PDF)

A visit to some of the most incredible and important works of art created from Antiquity to the Renaissance.

The archaeological area of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill (download PDF)
The political, religious and social heart of one of the most important powers of the ancient world, this is an unmissable visit if you want to discover the Roman city.
The Appian Way, Queen of Roads (download PDF)

A walk among the archaeological and natural heritage of the Appian Way as it leads out of the city, this road symbolizes the political expansionism of ancient Rome towards southern Italy.

Rome past and future: Ara Pacis Augustae (download PDF)

The Altar of Peace built to celebrate the glory of Julius Caesar and Augustus’s family is today displayed in Richard Meier’s building, which has become one of the most controversial museum complexes of recent times.

Villa della Farnesina (download PDF)

The greatest example of the Renaissance in Rome.

Villa Borghese (download PDF)

On this visit we discover the artistic tastes of cardinal Scipione by visiting the masterpieces in his collection.

Ostia Antica (download PDF)

A fascinating walk through one of the best conserved Roman sites in the world.

From the Piazza del Quirinale to the Church of the Gesù (download PDF)

A fascinating walking tour from the Piazza del Quirinale, past Sant’Ignazio and ending at the Church of the Gesù, we will see some of the most striking and unique examples of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Rome.


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